About DryBasements.com

Southwestern Ontario's #1 Choice for Basement and Foundation Repairs since 1990. It is not our goal to be the biggest waterproofing company in Ontario but to be the most trusted and respected waterproofing company in our small corner of Ontario.

Locally Owned and Family Run

Always looking for the world's best products

A+ Rating Better Business Bureau

Full WSIB coverage

$5M Liability Insurance

Always offering the Best Solutions

Offering the best warranty in the business

Our Motto

Our company motto is "Our Business is Basements, Our Foundation is People!" From our early beginnings in 1990 as JB Enterprises, we have always striven to provide optimal service combined with quality work.

In our effort to be people focused and not just profit focused, we adopted and registered the motto as seen in the header of the website and in much of our advertising. The message behind the motto is a complex equation that includes the work we do multiplied by the people we hire and the clients we serve.

The first part, "Our Business is Basements" imparts our desire to provide the essential services your basement needs by continually searching for new methods, new materials and new products that are at the forefront of the industry. Take for example Crack Stitching and Humifresh. Both of these are second to none. They are unique in their class and exceed our expectations in the results they deliver to you, our client.

We desire to care for your basement as if it were our own is part of the second half of the equation, "Our Foundation is People!" This starts with our staff. Safety is of utmost concern and we expect all of our employees to safely get home to their families every night. To this end we do not hire our staff as independent contractors or cash labour but employees with full coverage with WSIB (Workers Comp).

This extends to our concern for our clients as well. We expect every site to be left in a safe condition where you and your loved ones will be safe from harm. We will not work for cash as part of the underground economy. We want to be part of the solution not the problem. We have also found this to be in your best interest because without a paper trail there can be no warranty and liability for worker safety falls to you instead of the company. Cash is a two edged sword. It may cut taxes but it also places all liability directly on your doorstep. Additionally, our desire is that each of our employees will be as concerned about the work they are doing on your foundation as though they were working on their own.

Our success in in fulfilling the first part "Our Business is Basements" truly hinges on successfully navigating our Promise of the second part "Our Foundation is People!" Please let us show you how


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and reasonable prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. Doing it right the first time!


Through our "Acceptance Interview" process, we ensure that no details are missed and that you fully understand what is included in your contract and what is not. Nobody likes surprises!