Backup Sump Pumps

Each year in Canada, hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims are filed due to damages caused by sump pump malfunctions. The average claim is in excess of $14,000. Not to mention the disruption to the household and the loss of irreplaceable mementos and personal property. Add to this the number of unreported or underinsured or even uninsured occurrences and the value is staggering. Yes we did say "uninsured". Due to the rising usage of basements as living space, Underwriters are increasingly dropping basement flood coverage following even just one claim. The truth is, almost 100% of these disasters could have been easily avoided had the homeowner installed a professional grade backup sump pump system. Most homeowners are aware that their sump pump will stop in the event of a power outage. However, this is only one of the scenarios that leads to sump pump related flooding.

Your Estimator may suggest a Basement Guardian ProLine Backup System as an option. Offering the same pumping capacity as your main pump, this unit is the best non Intelligent backup system available.

7 Main Reasons for Sump Related Flooding:

  • Power outage
  • Main Pump failure
  • Main Float Switch failure
  • Backup Pump failure or inadequate pumping capacity
  • Backup Float Switch failure
  • Pipe blockage or vapour lock
  • Check Valve failure

During our 20+ years creating dry basements across Western Ontario, we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of flooded basements due to sump related failures. And we have never met a single homeowner who enjoyed the experience. That's why we have long endeavored to find the best sump pump system that will effectively protect your biggest investment, your home.