In accordance with the Warranty terms outlined on the back of your Contract, DryBasements.com will repair any failure in waterproofing systems that include our Written Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your home.

During the first fifteen years following completion of the repairs, the warranty is transferable at no charge to one new owner as long as DryBasements.com is notified in writing within 60 days of the transfer of title. For any additional ownership changes, the warranty may be transferred with written notification and by paying an administration fee (currently $85) within 60 days of the transfer of title. No warranty will be honored without the above due diligence being performed by the new owner. The warranty is not transferable after the initial fifteen year term.

Change in Ownership

A letter from your real estate agent or lawyer stating the date of the sale, the names of the seller and buyer, the address of the property and the original contract will be required for an ownership change to be registered with us.

A new warranty document will be created in the name of the new owner and forwarded to them by mail. DryBasements.com cannot be held liable for any fraudulent transfer. Fraudulent transfers will be investigated by the police and will result in the warranty becoming void.

It is imperative that you retain the Warranty Certificate. This document must be presented at the time of inspection for the warranty to be validated. If this document is lost, it may be replaced by the original purchaser (or spouse) or by the estate, with the payment of an administration fee.

Time Limited Warranties
Some Repairs carry a Time Limited Warranty. The terms and conditions are found on the front and back pages of your contract

Some products that may be used in your repair carry the manufacturers' warranty in lieu of a DryBasements.com Warranty

Sump Pumps

All sump pumps include the Manufacturers' Warranty

Barnes: 1 Year Parts and Labour
BG ProLine: 2 Year Parts and Labour
NexPump Ai Extreme: 3 Year Parts and Labour

HumiFresh Whole Home Humidity Systems Warranty

Fan & cabinet - 8 years
Electronics - 4 years

Floodstop Leak Detectors & Automatic Shutoff Valves

1 Year Parts