Western Ontario's #1 Choice for Basement and Foundation Repairs since 1990

DryBasements.com Ltd. will provide priority customer service focused on company integrity and our client’s best interests. We will use our position as an industry leader to set a standard that others can aspire to.

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Why Choose US

  • Locally Owned and Family Run

  • Always looking for the world's best products

  • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau

  • Full WSIB coverage

  • $5M Liability Insurance

  • Always offering the Best Solutions

  • Offering the best warranty in the business

Who We Are?

db-image7db-image14"Our Business is Basements, Our Foundation is People!" From our early beginnings in 1990 as JB Enterprises, we have always striven to provide optimal service combined with quality work.
In our effort to be people focused and not just profit focused, we adopted and registered the motto as seen in the header of the website and in much of our advertising.
The message behind the motto is a complex equation that includes the work we do multiplied by the people we hire and the clients we serve.

Our success in in fulfilling the first part "Our Business is Basements" truly hinges on successfully navigating our Promise of the second part "Our Foundation is People!" Please let us show you how.
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